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Friday, April 16, 2010

OK, now what? Let's Get Organized

Last Friday I laid out my advice for having a less stressful, more practical and happier wedding planning experience. This week I thought I would talk more about what has kept me (somewhat) sane through my own wedding planning. Everyone organizes their life and work differently so if this is not how you process information don't worry! There are many options for organizing. You just have to find the one that is right for you.

I know by admitting this I am filling you in on my deep, dark, inner geekdom but I love me some spreadsheets. Seriously, I am the spreadsheet and database queen. Give me some information and I will set up some columns and rows before your very eyes! Google Docs has saved my life. Not only can you create a document, spreadsheet, presentationor drawing, you can also share all your information and let other people edit (or NOT!*).

I especially found this helpful while working on the guest list. I just shared the document with my family and my fiance's family and they added their guest list to the document. I didn't have to spend hours merging different lists and worrying about making errors. The tricky part about this is months, after I thought the list was complete, mystery guests would pop up. I advise setting a deadline and then locking that puppy up!
Columns you can include are:
  • Assign each guest a number. You can write this number on the RSVP card in case someone forgets to write in their name.
  • Guest Name
  • Number of guests
  • Address, city/state/zip
  • Any children?
  • Were they sent a Save-the-date?
  • Were they sent an invite?
  • Attending? One column for yes and one column for now. Mark this with the number of guests attending so you can added up the column at the end.
  • If there are any other activities add these as well and write in the number of guests that are attending for each person.
  • Gift Received
  • Thank you note sent

This will help you not only plan your guest list but keep a record invites that were sent out and who is attending.


Another worksheet I made was for all my DIY projects I wanted to do. Any time I saw a project I might want to incorporate I put it into this spreadsheet and tracked the process even if I just ended up chucking the idea later.

Columns you might include:

  • Project Name
  • Who could/will complete?
  • Due Date
  • How many?
  • Materials needed
  • Status (In process, Done, Will not do, etc.)
  • Notes

Other documents I made were for keeping track of the budget, what things I needed to rent/buy, my vows and accommodations/travel.

If you have any questions about organizing information or tips leave me a comment or email me!

*Sometimes it is helpful (for you) if your friends and family can just SEE the work you have done and not actually manipulate it in any way.


  1. ok, excel kinda scares me, however this is a fantastic idea. i need to do this... :)
    thank you so much for sharing and even including possible columns. :) I am with you on the geekdom!

  2. Excel is your friend! :) Let me know if you need any help with your spreadsheets and I would be happy to help.