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Friday, June 11, 2010

I absolutely love love love this story. I get chills every time I think about it because I'm a big, sissy, romantic. We were hanging out with Aimee and Dorian and I was telling Aimee about the Disney World couple and she hit me with an even CRAZIER story about her and Dorian. Turns out, they were actually both born in the same hospital in Colorado and lived three streets away from each other growing up yet neither they nor their families knew each other. THEN both set of families moved to Florida and they lived 10 streets away from each other. Still they did not meet. It wasn't until they both went BACK to CO to visit did they finally meet and realize that fate had been trying to push them together their entire lives!

Anyone else have a crazy, twist-of-fate, story like that about you and your true love?


  1. omg that is TOO sweet!!!! CRAZY story and dorian!! my husband and i grew up only two streets over from each other, but didn't know it until YEARS later - after he moved to and back from st. louis.

    awww love :)

  2. ok that is just crazy! i love stories like that. :)

  3. I think the anchor steams may of made me leave out part of the story we did meet and became friends in florida but did not start dating until colorado..Dorian laid on top of me until I kissed him...quite the tenacious guy!!
    drinks before you go...maybe?

  4. Well, my story isn't quite as crazy but...My guy and I both grew up an hour from Boston in different directions. Somehow we ended up at the same college in Virginia in the same major program. We became acquainted in class but that was it. I graduated before him and asked for his number just because I had a summer job near his home. But I never called because I knew he had a girlfriend. I moved out west for a while but got another job near where he grew up 2 years later. During my interview my soon to be boss asked if I knew him because he was working there and she saw that we had gone to the same college - for some reason I blushed even though I had barely known him! So we reconnected, started dating, and are now engaged after 4 solid years. Woo hoo!

  5. All I can say is wow!