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Monday, August 16, 2010

Feather Love Photos of my Parent's House

We were so happy that Noa of Feather Love and her hubby, Stuart, were able to get away and come to our wedding. We have grown quite fond of these two since she shot our engagement photos last year. I told her no way was she allowed to "work" during the wedding and judging from some of the photos of her on the dance floor she heeded my demand! She did take out the camera the next morning during brunch and captured some gorgeous shots of my parents' house. See more of the house and the rest of their trip here.

Our sexy photogs.

My sister and I...I swear we did not plan this.
My favorite baby, Chloe!

The best thing about having brunch at the wedding venue? Recycled decor.


  1. omg LOVE your parents' home. seriously, the old house nerd in me just got super excited! i saw pics on noa's blog of the floors....oooooooooh em gee those are amazing!

    seeing places like this make me this || much closer to starting up an old house porn blog. i've already got folders of inspiration. this is totally going in there :)

    love love love

    /longest comment ever

  2. i love the photos! everything is so natural!
    i follow your blog since last month and i've just realized you're the couple of the smartest engagement shot i've ever seen! i knew your face had something familiar @u@