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Saturday, July 24, 2010

California Wedding of Badassness by Feather Love

I ADORE this wedding. Jenny and Luc were just made to be shot by Noa (of Feather Love, duh). And this is a hardcore DIY wedding folks. And not the kind of DIY wedding where you kind of don't believe they aren't related to Martha Stewart. I mean don't get me wrong everything was insanely gorgeous but there weren't a million and one little details all over the place and, ya know what, it didn't even matter. They had 1) a cussing carousal and ferris wheel and 2) kick-ass guests who know how to rock a dance floor. And their ceremony...oh the ceremony!...why did I not think of using a line from my FAVORITE prince album!!! Oh man. Priceless. And a Kate Bush inspired frock for your interpretive first dance? Yes, please. Sign me up.

So go immerse yourself in the goodness and badassness (yes, I just made that word) of this wedding over at Feather Love and the rad DOUBLE feature on Once Wed!!!

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