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Thursday, July 22, 2010

DIY Ribbon Chandelier on The Sweetest Occasion

Oh my! I have a guest post up on The Sweetest Occasion today! I made a ribbon chandelier for the wedding and it was a big hit! It was a super cheap and easy project. I'm a little embarrassed about my terrible photography skills and my dirty nails but head on over and take a look!


  1. i know someone who lives near you who is always snapping away at pictures.

    maybe she would document stuff for you sometimes? ;)

    but photography skills and nails (can't help with that one, mine are AWFUL) notwithstanding nice work!

  2. Thanks again, Emilia! I love how the chandelier turned out, dirty finger nails and all. ;-) (For the record, my hands are always rather beastly looking so no one's judging. haha)