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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wedding Planning Tips: Transportation

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It is really a generous and nice gesture to provide transportation for your guests...especially when your wedding is far away or up a mountain or there will be heavy drinking involved...but, if you want your guests to arrive to your wedding on time and sober do not rent a party bus for the trip there (the return trip? I say go for it!). Make sure to tell guests that the bus will depart at least a half hour before it is actually scheduled because there will always be those few stragglers. Oh...and make sure to tell the beer runs along the way!


  1. Sounds like you know from experience..? ;)

  2. This weekend's wedding started an hour behind schedule because the bus bringing the guests showed up late. And by the time it did show up all the guests were wasted! Not my fault! I didn't schedule the bus just tried to coordinate it getting to the venue on time but guests kept telling the driver to pull over and make pit stops!

  3. Eek! That sounds horrible! Great idea to tell the guests that the bus leaves a half hour earlier than it does. I always tell my fiance we have to be somewhere a half hour before we actually do 'cause he's always slow getting out of the house ;)