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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cost of Wedding Planning

I just read a super smart, well-written article from Shayna of Williamsburg Wedding Design about the price of wedding planning and what the bang really is that you're getting for your buck.  This is not about what a wedding planner should cost but an overview of what goes into determining the cost of planning packages and what you are really getting out of it.  Most likely a newly engaged couple has never thought about wedding planning and coordination before their engagement so have no clue how much one will cost when they start asking around for quotes.  The truth is a day-of wedding coordinator doesn't just show up on your wedding day for a few hours (I hope!!!).  There are hours and hours of prep time and getting to know you time that is involved which makes up the base of the cost on top of...ya know...regular ol' business/life costs.  Anyway...before you go out on the wedding planner hunt go read Shayna's post and download her awesome booklet.  You'll be able to make a much more informed and rational decision that will effect the outcome of your wedding day immensely! 

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